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Company History

 Established in November of 1959, John Carey founded the company Carey Building Supplies on East 9th Street in San Bernardino. Targeting to builders and homeowners the company strives to meet the needs of its customers, building and selling custom products. Over the course of 18 years the business outgrew its original building and relocated to 700 South “I” Street in 1977. About 3 years later another expansion took place and the new building was added onto, doubling the facility in size.

Today our traditions continue with this family owned business and we continue to provide custom building products for local builders and homeowners.

Come on down and visit our friendly staff and see where quality building products have originated since 1959.

About Us

As the nation’s economy has sunk lower and lower, many people are trying to find ways to cut corners in any way possible to make ends meet. Almost everyone has turned to energy efficient ways in the home to watch their electricity output and find an easy way to lower those heating or air costs. People do not seem to realize that by simply changing out their windows and doors, a household can save up to 15% on energy costs.

Energy efficient windows are much more useful than just helping to save on heating and air bills. Because of the special coating that these windows have, they act as a deterrent to the outside elements to protect the belongings inside the home, such as photographs, wood floors, curtains or drapes. It’s basically a form of sunblock for the inside of the home.

There are many different energy efficient doors on the market as well to help save on costs. There are many different aspects to considering new doors however. There is the type of insulation used, as well as their energy performance rating. Only a reputable, established door and window company will be able to give the information that is needed for all the questions one should have about making their home as energy efficient as possible.



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